Computer Healthchecks
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8 Reasons why you should get your pc serviced

Quicker to start up

Computer is more secure

Prevents freezing or locking up
Prevents random switching off
Gets rid of spyware and viruses

Keeps your computer running quickly

Helps to keep it running cooler and more efficient

Helps prevent the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD)

Our computers do a lot over the course of the average year, playing music, editing photos and videos, as well as playing games, sending and receiving email and surfing the internet. During this time, computers become clogged with unwanted software, old files and even spyware and viruses. Just like a car, your computer should be serviced every year so that you get the best performance possible.


Why not let me give your computer the full treatment by giving it a comprehensive "Computer Health Check (MOT)", which should improve the performance, stability and security of your PC or laptop.


Remember, I come to you. I'll disconnect your computer, bring it back to my workshop to perform the "Health Check", then return it back to you and re-connect it.

From start to finish I normally do it within 24 hours. On its return, I will supply you with a comprehensive list of all work carried out, complete with advice on the best way to upgrade your machine if needed.


All this for only £49.00 

Call now on: 01562 631179 or 07906 736802 to book a Health Check.