Remote support as the name suggests is where you get full, unlimited remote support and monitoring of your PC's, laptops & network for a fixed monthly fee. I will install a small piece of software on each computer that will report back to my system on a continuous 24/7 basis. This performs over 100 checks every 30 minutes including:

  • Disk health

  • Drive fragmentation

  • Details of last virus scan

  • How much memory is being used

  • How hard the processor is working

  • How much free disk space you have

  • When the anti-virus was last updated

  • When Windows security was last updated


My system receives data from on each computer continuously and alerts me when there is cause for concern. My main dashboard tells me about things like drive fragmentation that I can take care of in the background and for more critical errors I get an immediate email so that I can react straight away.


The above is designed to ensure that your computers run efficiently and have water-tight security to prevent problems from happening. However, in the event that you have a problem with a computer, I will attempt to fix it remotely, either by taking control of your desktop or talking you through a fix over the phone. As part of your support plan you will also receive advice on upgrades to hardware and software as appropriate.


Please contact me for further details & prices.

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