It's not just Upgrades, Repairs and Computer MOT's that I offer (see sub menus under the services tab to the left).


I also offer:


Out of the box setup.

If you are looking to buy a new, used or reconditioned PC, laptop or maybe a tablet, why not give me a call and I can pop along and set them all up for you, including setting up your email (Broadband needs to up and running). I will also install any software you purchased with your computer.


Wireless network set-up

Maybe you have a couple of computers in your home, a games console, a smart tv, a tablet and perhaps a laptop or two. Just imagine how much easier life would be if all these could link up together. With wireless networking you can do this and much more.

  • Swap photos, music, folders and files between computers.

  • Stream movies, photos and music to you games console, media box or smart TV.

  • Use one main printer that everyone can share via your wireless network.

  • Back up all your files onto a communal network storage device.

  • Have access to the internet whilst sitting in your garden with a laptop.

  • Multiple Internet connections at the same time.

Even if you only have one laptop, I am still happy to help set everything up for you.


Software installation

Word processing, editing photos, playing games and more. There is a wealth of software available these days and sometimes you can get problems installing them. Just give me a call and I can install it for you. I'll load it onto your computer, update it if needed and make sure it's working.


Data backup or transfer

These days, we keep loads of important information on our computers. Photos, movies, music, documents and more. Take a good look at your computer and the information on it. What would happen if you lost it all because of a hardware fault or a virus. With my data backup service, I can come to you and show you how to back your files up safely and securely.

With my data transfer service, if you buy a laptop or desktop, I can transfer all the information from one computer to another.


Parental control setup

As we all know, the internet is a fantastic place to find all sorts of useful information/entertainment. Unfortunately, we also know that the internet has plenty of information about the sort of things that you really don't want you children exposed to. With parental control, you need not worry. Your children can still enjoy their online experience, safely.

  • Control access to certain websites

  • Prevent downloads of adult material

  • Limit the amount of time spent online

  • Set your parental controls to suit child's age

  • You may already have the software for this on your computer


Factory restore

After a while, computers get "clogged up" with all sorts of files and programs that you no longer use or need, making your computer slower and less responsive. By restoring it back to its original shop bought state, it can run like new. I would recommend that this is done every twelve months. 

To do this, I will need the original software that came with your computer or the set of rescue discs created when you first started the machine. A factory restore deletes all the contents off your hard drive, so before I start, if required, I will do a backup of your data and then reload it after. (Please note that if data backup is required, you will be charged the standard data backup rate, on top of the the Factory restore price).


Operating system installation

Are you still running an out of date or old operating system such as Windows 2000, XP or Windows 7/8 on your PC or Laptop? Why not consider upgrading to the latest Windows 10 operating system. The operating system is the heart and soul of your computer, without it your computer just won't run. I can come to you and check to make sure your computer will run the latest Windows  operating system, then supply and install onto your computer. This service includes the data backup and transfer, but not the cost of the new operating system.


Data cleanse

If you are looking at changing your computer, you need to make sure that all your private information is removed. Just deleting it isn't good enough. Software available off the shelf can, in most cases, retrieve information previously deleted. I can securely remove all personal information for you so that it cannot be retrieved, thus, removing the chance of identity fraud.


Give me a call and we can discuss your particular requirements and quote accordingly.