UK Data Backup

Would your business survive major data loss?

Lost contracts, legal documents, databases, orders, accounts and emails could be costly and embarrassing.

Read on for details about my "Back IT Up" secure online data storage service.

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Protect your accounts, files, photos and application data against deletion, loss, corruption etc. Ideal for laptops and PCs.

My "Back IT Up" Client runs on multiple platforms which includes Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Customise your backup job, time to run and how often a day you would like a backup to run. With one account, you can backup multiple machines, making it easier to manage your backups. Daily large file backups made easy using block changes technology so you only backup the changes in a file, not the entire file.

​Why you should choose The Computer Fixy Guy as your secure online backup service provider:

  • All backups are stored in two UK ISO 27001 accredited data centres. The primary one is in Docklands (London). All data is then automatically replicated to the second backup site in Bournemouth. 

  • Your data is fully encrypted and protected even before it leaves your computer.

  • This service is fully managed and monitored by my system 24hrs a day so that any problems are picked up quickly and corrected.

  • No lock-in contract, just use month to month and pay by direct debit, Bank transfer, credit/debit card or monthly invoice.

  • Buy blocks of secure data space and backup multiple machines to it.

Price Guide.

Prices start from as little as £5.99 per month for 25Gb of fully managed storage space and this can be increased to any size, depending on your individual needs. Get in touch for further pricing options.

Click on the free trial button below and try it out for yourself for 30 days. (free trial gives you 5Gb to try out, but this can be increased if Needed)

(No card information needed for free trial)